When we represent sellers, we have their best interests at heart. Whether you’re selling $100,000 house or a $10 million house you will get our full attention, 24/7 availability, top-notch client service for staging, amazing photography, and professional marketing, tough negotiating skills as well as our expert and honest advice. We believe it’s our job not to sell your house for the highest price, but to do so quickly with as little stress and interruption in your life as possible. We go above and beyond every seller from staging your house, arranging for contractors to do repairs if needed during the inspection period, to helping you find professional packers and movers.

Please download full seller’s Guide Book to find out more about steps for selling your house, this seller’s Guidebook will help you understand the steps involved selling your home, and please contact us at rena@renakovach.com or call us at 703-599-6057  so we can set up a time to meet and conduct a Free Market Analysis of your home. 

Also, check out the estimate of seller’s closing costs which is the approximate amount of fees you will need to pay out of the sales price when you sell your home.

Lastly, when you work with us, we will educate you throughout the process of using our expert knowledge to explain each step of the transaction. We are committed to giving you the best experience of selling your home, we are not just saying that we Guaranty it.


Step 1: Hire a REALTOR

Step 2: Download full seller’s Guide Book

Step 3: Time to declutter and Stage

Step 4Professional Photography

Step 5: Conduct a Pre-Market Inspection

Step 6: Time for Showings

Step 7: First week of Showing

Step 8: Prepare for your Open House

Step 9: Time for an offer?

Step 10: You received an offer, now what?

Step 11: Home inspection

Step 12: Appraisal

Step 13: Termite inspection

Step 14: Find a new Home

Step 15: Prepare for a Garage Sale

Step 16: Start Packing

Step 17: Final Walkthrough

Step 18: Your moving!

Step 19: Closing on Your House


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